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vincent 2a7c3b49e6 update nvim config 4 weeks ago
alacritty/.config add alacritty config 4 months ago
awesome/.config/awesome correct numolock in awesome 1 year ago
beets/.config/beets enable auto lyrics 2 months ago
git add pull option 4 weeks ago
i3/.config add xinput script 1 year ago
mpv/.config/mpv correct script redshift 3 years ago
ncmpcpp/.ncmpcpp del keep file 3 years ago
nvim update nvim config 4 weeks ago
script/script change bitwarden_rs by vaultwarden 4 months ago
sway/.config/sway add sway folder 1 year ago
terminator/.config/terminator add terminator 3 years ago
termite/.config/termite switch to cascadia font 6 months ago
tmux add tmux shortcut to move 7 months ago
vim update submodule 1 year ago
wakeonlan/.wakeonlan change mac fixe-pc wakeonlan 3 years ago
wm add xinput script 1 year ago
zsh update oh my zsh 4 weeks ago
.gitignore add git ignore 3 years ago
.gitmodules add fzf-tab 2 months ago