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vincent 88c971ee2a update .gitignore 4 months ago
vincent 0544fa1c2e add task role path to ansible-lint 8 months ago
vincent dd2482b75f add .markdownlint.yaml 8 months ago
vincent 9b7ea13009 add .drone.yml 8 months ago
vincent 617d718dbb add .yammlint 8 months ago
vincent df3027214d add chows to webflder for nextcloud 8 months ago
vincent 825442a4e3 correct fail2ban nextcloud 9 months ago
vincent 4a1eddcae3 add deidcated user for nextcloud andd php pool 10 months ago
vincent d5ff42ef54 update nextcloud 10 months ago
vincent 17e9627b0c add PHP7 for compatibility tt-rss and nextcloud 10 months ago
vincent db0313a018 transfert nginx data to share 1 year ago
vincent 0a1b675310 fix nextcloud issue 1 year ago
vincent 58d3986201 correct issue with boolean in Nextcloud option 1 year ago
vincent c68bfec0c7 correct nextcloud trusted domain 1 year ago
vincent fb7ca8af63 fix issue for migration 1 year ago
vincent 91afd99167 add postgres compatibility 1 year ago
vincent 10c93e1916 put become in dependancy 2 years ago
vincent ac15c70ffb add opcache and imagick 2 years ago
vincent 352092c3ef ajout cron scan file nextcloud 2 years ago
vincent f27af0b0b7 finalize nextcloud roles 2 years ago
vincent 59f1fd68d9 init nextcloud role 2 years ago