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- Fix Ansible 2.2 deprecation warnings which requires Ansible 2.2 or higher.
Support for older Ansible versions is dropped. [brzhk]
*Released: 2016-11-25*
- Various updates in the documentation [senk, le9i0nx]
- Fix Ansible ``--check`` mode. [le9i0nx]
- Fix Ansible 2.1 deprecation warnings. [le9i0nx]
- Make sure that role works on hosts without IPv4 network. [thiagotalma]
*Released: 2015-10-15*
- Make sure that files specified in ``dhcpd_includes`` list exist before the
DHCP server is restarted. [drybjed]
- Correctly handle IPv4 subnets with only 1 host inside. Previously they were
parsed with errors, now ``debops.dhcpd`` will detect them hand handle
separately from normal networks. [drybjed]
- Add support for iPXE boot loader chain-loading and DHCP options. [drybjed]
- Fix a templating error when IPv6 networking is not present on a host.
- Change the way role gathers the list of nameservers to avoid issue with
``sed`` command in shell module. [drybjed]
- Provide empty list of relay servers if default IPv4 gateway is not defined.
*Released: 2015-03-30*
- First release [drybjed]